Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God in 100 Words (and a few more)

Man, woman, elder, infant, timeless.
All made in Your image.
Christ Jesus, Buddha, Ganesha, Muhammad.
Vishnu, The One, Energy, Allah, Love.

Redeemer, judge, elementary school principal,
Mother, Father, nurturing, supportive foundation.
Creator, destroyer, rebuilder, abundant renewer.
Limitless, everything, life, hope, order.

Light, center, truth, pure, goodness.
Alpha, omega, the root, eternal reality.
Sophia, Logos, Gnosis, Compassion, Agape.
You will be whatever we need,
To approach knowing you.

Holy Spirit, Divine Grace, welcome.
Your gift is free will.
The gift is personality, ego, self.
Right, wrong, listening, learning, yielding.

Mistakes, lessons, experiences, no mistakes.
Transcendence, enlightenment, salvation, beyond awareness.
Not my will but Thine.
Self in service to You.
Giving over (forgetting and returning). All that I am is Yours.

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