Monday, July 5, 2010

The Gift of Spirit-centered Community

A few days ago I requested a support committee of Ministry & Council and a couple of Quaker friends to help me find clarity about some of the decisions I am being guided to make. The affirmative response was almost immediate. We met this afternoon for 2 hours. I have never felt such positive, loving support as I experienced with these Friends. They held my concerns and questions and confusion in the Light and asked gentle and sometimes very pointed questions until I was able to clearly see a path beginning to emerge. And when the path seemed to abruptly end, I was not afraid but feel very comfortable with the not-knowing of what comes next. At the end, they encircled me and laid hands on me and we prayed silently and it felt exactly like the support I had when I was in labor, birthing my babies at home with my midwives and family around me. The patient willingness to be with me and not force an outcome but to wait as the process unfolded slowly.

There's a line in Joni Mitchell's song Lessons In Survival: "I came in as bright as a neon light and I burned out right there before him." I feel just like that only completely opposite. I feel like my light was burning but obscured and my dear, dear friends were able to help me lift the bushel. What a beautiful gift is Spirit-centered community.


M said...

I can't tell you how much I need a similar clearness committee right now and how much I miss our meeting.

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I was wondering if it would be ok to call you this evening?
Would like to talk to about Quakerism and the Fellowship Meetings..
Don't want to seem like I'm stalking you lol.. .

Look me up on FB under Denise Tordoff

Friendly Mama said...

Between 8 & 9 is probably best.
I'll look for you on fb.

Hollow Bone Dream said...

thank you !

ChristinaV said...

Mary Linda -- you are a true gift -- to our meeting, to your family, to the earth. There's a song that was in my heart during the clearness committee that I didn't share because it didn't seem to serve any useful purpose to you...just a reflection of what I saw you doing. It's a John Michael Talbot poem/prayer -- "come my Love. Pass through my will as through a window. Shine on my life as on a meadow. Like the grass to be consumed by the rays of the sun on a late summer's morning."