Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And last night...even more music!

Hammy and I went to see the "Adrian Belew Power Trio" at Mercy Lounge. We'd ordered the tickets last week before we had any idea I'd be going with Hammy to Bonnaroo. If we'd known, I'm sure we'da bailed on the idea of being out late THREE TIMES in FOUR NIGHTS, but we had bought the tickets and so, went. And how glad I am that we did! What a fantastic show!

First, the opening act was Swan Dive which meant that I got to see my dear Helen, whom I love dearly and who is romantically involved with the male half of Swan Dive (a great name, by the way), Bill. She and I got to catch up a bit and I got to meet Bill and hear some sweet, lovely music. I also got to see Jim Hoke (who played flute for Swan Dive-which added breadth to the music) and let each of them (Jim and Helen) know that they're both homeschooling families. I'm always happy to see Jim because he was celebrating his 40th birthday on stage at Exit/In with NRBQ the night Hammy and I met and seeing him sends me down memory lane.

As for the Power Trio: Wow! Of course Adrian is an amazing, whimsical, energetic guitarist who is tremendous amounts of fun to watch and listen to. And now, he's playing with 21 and 20 year old siblings Julie and Eric Slick (on bass and drums respectively) who are such instinctual, innovative and talented musicians that they seem to encourage Adrian to even greater feats of musical outlandishness. They were all three so good I don't know how they kept up with one another.

It was a crazy, loud, late night and getting up was really hard this morning but it was so worth it! I love to be reminded of how much I love music.

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