Tuesday, June 12, 2007

In My Own Words: The Lord's Prayer

Divine One, who made all things,
May Your name always be spoken with reverance,
As the reign of God is now,
Thy will, not mine;
Let my life be a reflection of You.

Please, meet our basic needs for food, shelter and love,
And support us when we make mistakes so that we may begin anew,
As many times as needed,
Encouraging us to be compassionate as you are.

Let us become aware of our egos, which make us think
We are more important than You,
But help us to know Your Truth in our hearts
And be always guided by You,
Because You are the Creator and the One
And all of Life eternal.

I saw a blog post on Quakerquaker from a man who had done a workshop in which they used the Lord's Prayer as a template for their own prayer. I guess the idea has been rolling around in my head because I awoke with it this morning and had to write it down. Thanks be to whoever it was that blogged his version!
I'm gonna use this idea when we do our spiritual formation group.

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