Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Who Am I?

I have certainly gotten myself into a pickle. Last week I lost my wallet. I've turned the house and car upside-down looking for it and have come to the conclusion that it must have fallen out of my purse at the grocery store. The only things I had in it were my drivers license and around $20-no big deal as I don't carry any plastic cards with me. Yesterday, I was going to go downtown to replace my license. I looked on-line to learn what documents I would need: Birth certificate and social security cards-great! I knew just where they were. Except...they weren't there! I remember taking them with me to my last work project training in May but I must not have returned them to our fire-safe box when I returned home and now I have no idea where I mislaid them! I've searched my desk and file cabinet, book cases and piles of paperwork. I've been looking through books and magazines I may have been reading in May. So far, nothing. I don't know if I can get any of these documents replaced without some of these documents already in possession. And the cost! And the time!

And now, work calls me. I have an interview in a few minutes-a very wealthy man on the East coast. Seems nice. Should be long (I think he owns a bunch of businesses) but I'm guessing he'll be one of those people with all the numbers in his head at the ready.
I wish I were a little more that way. This distraction is driving me to distraction!

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Nancy A said...

Yikes -- good luck with that! Our digital identity is this quiet, invislbe and benign thing--till we lose it and have to find it again.