Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Meaning of Life

As I stayed in bed this morning, pretending that the sun wasn't up, I was thinking about my scooter and my ego and attention. I've written about wanting to wait to get a scooter until it wouldn't puff me all up and be an ego thing. I don't know if I've changed much since writing the previous post except to say that in writing about it, I became aware of the potential for egotrap. (As I've also written before: ego=sin and sin=anything that comes between me and my relationship with God)

My almost teen, Zed, has been going around asking "What's the meaning of life?" I think there's actually a punchline that follows the question (along the lines of 42 from "Hitchhikers Guide") but I've been too distracted whenever he's asked to pay attention to what follows.

As I hid under the covers, I thought about that question and my answer this morning is: To reflect God. I think about my scooter and myself and how I usually live as if I am the center of my life and how I want to live so that God's Light shines through me. My scooter is a symbol of my commitment to caring for God' creation, Earth, and I need to keep that foremost in my heart and head so my ego doesn't get caught up in the "coolness" factor.

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