Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Putting along

Yesterday, I ran errands on my scooter for the first time. I rode to Target to purchase new stockings and toothpaste and wound up with those and tea, a new watch, and some frozen meatless bbq stuff (the wonders of everything under one roof). I was going to proceed from there to Caroline's but, although the temp was supposed to be in the mid fifties, it was overcast and windy, so I called her to let her know that I will pick up the article another time (she emailed me later to say that the article does not really apply, anyway). The Charlotte Ave. Goodwill was on my way so I stopped and found a new black sweater for me to wear while working (it will fit nicely under my riding jacket) and a hoodie for Zed. I'd brought my messenger bag with me, so stuffed all my purchases in it and rode on. Next I stopped at my neighborhood Kroger for dinner fixins. But this time, the under the seat storage was full, my bag was full and I tried to put things in the "glove box" which is aptly named: It's possible that a pair of gloves will fit it, but only that; actually, I fit 2 pears and an orange in it.

I think running errands will be much easier when I get my topcase mounted so I don't have to juggle everything.

What I'm finding is that it takes a lot longer to ride the scooter than to drive a car. I don't take the interstates or Briley Parkway so I'm having to go roundabout ways to get places via secondary streets. Putting on riding gear, ski mask, helmet, coat, purse/bag, ski mittens, not to mention finding a place to park and lock, takes more time than shutting a door and fastening a seat belt. But it's a lot quicker on the scooter than the bus, and a whole lot more fun!

The reactions I get from people are funny. Almost invariably, guys in sports cars pull up next to me, check me out and then have to speed away, as if a woman on a two-wheel motorized vehicle is somehow a threat to their masculinity. Old men are amused. Old women look shocked. Young women look intrigued. Kids look impressed. My little People is an eye catcher.

I rode in heavier traffic on Charlotte and White Bridge with nary a second thought. No problems at all. I'm beginning to feel quite comfortable but I do look forward to many things becoming second nature to me.

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