Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Here's why riding a scooter is so much fun:

When you drive in a car, you basically only use your eyes and your ears (and you don't even use your ears if you're listening to the radio too intently). When you scoot, you use all your senses(well, maybe not your sense of taste so much), sight, hearing smell, and touch. And then there's the balance/kinesthesia thing. Good riding is riding from the hips. I'd forgotten how it feels to be one with a ride; how it seems that the scoot just goes where I want it to go based on slight movements of my hips. I used to have a good friend who rode a Harley. He said that good passengers make good lovers (and bad=really bad). I understand why. It's about movement and flow and responding to your partner as in horseback riding; in this instance, my partner is my People. There's a groove centered in the root chakra that happens when one rides that makes it good. Yes, it's a sensuous experience.

Riding a two-wheeled vehicle requires all of your focus. At least for me, at least thus far, my entire concentration is taken by riding, nothing can be taken for granted. I'm sure that as I get more comfortable and more experienced I will relax and not pay as close attention but I will still be using so much more of my awareness than I ever do while driving a car. I love the feel of the air and the smells of whatever I'm near. I understand why bikers call car drivers "cagers"; there is a freedom in riding a scooter that you can't know in a car, even with the windows all rolled down and the sunroof open.

I'm sure I could use this experience as a metaphor for spiritual awakenings but I'm not going to: Sometimes a scooter ride is just a scooter ride.

The painting is from this website of artwork by David George Marshall: http://www.marshallimage.com/index.htm

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