Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Nose Knows

Smells are my favorite reasons for ridin' a two-wheeler:

water coming from a hose on a summer day

air just before a rain


dirt just after a short sprinkling (what I call the smell of "God's dirt")

a pizzeria baking pizzas

roadkill deer

live skunks (I saw a family of skunks crossing the road the other day)

river water
creek water

magnolia blossoms

(and my favorite) mimosa

and one other lovely flowery smell that I couldn't see and wasn't able to identify olfactorily

freshly cut lumber

tar (I LOVE the smell of tar-reminds me of family vacation trips to amusement parks)
blacktop (which I dislike the smell of because it reminds me of elementary school recess)

cigarettes (which I dislike the smell of indoors but actually kind of like the smell of outside)

bus exhaust

garbage trucks (the worse is following a garbage truck down a street on trash collection day)

yesterday, while out working, I rode through a neighborhood in which someone was cooking supper which smelled richly and deliciously of something buttery

meat cooking on a grill (vegetarian-don't care for the smell)

pond in spring
pond in summer

lake in spring
lake in summer

spring air
summer air
cooooold winter air

I'm sure there are many, many more things I smell each time I ride but which are too subtle or quickly passed for me to notice, identify or remember.

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