Friday, February 5, 2010

Sarasvati Smiles

It's a rainy day, cold and clammy. Zed needed me to bring him his stage-hand clothes so I stopped by the coffee shop in the library for chai and jazz for the time until I retrieve Carmac from school. The library god (who would that be? Sarasvati? Seshat? Wen-Chang?) was smiling down on me; I walked through the new releases and found not one but two unexpected books: Roland Merullo's latest, "Fidel's Last Days" (new genre-political thriller) and Anita Diamant's (who wrote "The Red Tent") new book "Day After Night". I'm so excited to read them! I also found "A Great and Terrible Love: A spiritual journey into the attributes of God" by Mark Galli and Julia Cameron's "Faith and Will: Weathering the storms in our spiritual lives" (she's the author of "The Artist's Way" so this might be very good).

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