Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Carmac!

Today, my baby turns 5. Five. Half a decade. No longer a baby. Whew. We're supposed to meet some of his friends at the zoo to play and eat cake. The weather report is calling for rain this afternoon. My fingers are crossed that it will be dry long enough for him to get to play some as he has been talking about this for almost 2 full months!

Zed and I made vegan cupcakes (for vegan friends who will be at the zoo) and a non-vegan chocolate cake last night. When Carmac wakes up, Hammy's taking him skateboarding so Zed and I can decorate the cake. Carmac saw a "Candyland" cake in a magazine at my mom's a couple of months ago and said that's what he wanted for his birthday. He's forgotten but I didn't, so that's what we're going to surprise him with. He's getting some Play-do and a Mousetrap game for his birthday. Yesterday, my folks brought him a new Lego set. I think Hammy's mom sent him a remote control car. I think his 5th birthday will be a happy one. He is much loved and treasured. He is a wonderful gift to me.

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