Sunday, November 18, 2007

Me Time

Hammy and I had a date yesterday. It was wonderful! He had planned to take his car in to have the brakes checked and tires rotated. I asked if I could come with him and then we could ride the bus downtown and eat at Provence and walk around. He was into the idea, too! We got a later start than we anticipated (Saturday morning, what did we expect) and had to stop by the bank but got to the tire place before 10:00. We had a about 20 minutes before the bus came so we walked to the dry cleaners to drop off some clothes. The bus came and we had to run to catch it, but made it. It was a beautiful day, cool but not cold, slightly windy and sunny. We got downtown and walked to the library's coffee shop. I had a chai latte and veggie fritatta, which was yummy. We talked without interruption and had actual linear conversation about nothing much.

When we finished eating, we decided to walk to the Frist so Hammy could see the exhibit, Societe Anonyme. We walked around the gallery, talking about what we like and don't care for and people and everything. I went into a little side gallery where an exhibit of photography by Rosemary Laing called Flight is on display. I am haunted by this photograph; the calmness where there should be tension and stillness where there should be motion. The overall greyness of it makes the model's flesh seem almost shockingly pink and alive.

We walked to the bus stop and caught the bus back to the car shop and got home mid-afternoon to find Carmac running around outside in his footie pajamas and Zed egging him on. Shortly thereafter, Hammy had to take Declan to the school so he could work with the stage crew for the night's performance and then Hammy was playing music with the guys he plays with. I worked for a little while but I was feeling worn out so I went to bed early.

Today, I stayed home from Friends Meeting to just chill. I worked for an hour but that's it. Hammy took the kids to do the things the needed to do today, leaving me home in quiet-something I have been needing for weeks. The silence in my house is a gift. I've been eating expensive dark chocolate covered cookies and drinking tea and not feeling too guilty for not doing housework. I stake my metaphorical flag on this time of solitude! I claim it for myself. This time is mine. I'm gonna go put on the music that I want to hear knowing I will be able to enjoy it without interruption.

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