Thursday, October 23, 2008

Liberal Christian Homeschoolers

I started a new googlegroup for liberal Christian homeschoolers yesterday. I've been part of an "inclusive" group for years. The people in the group are great but few are Christian and the atmosphere can be pretty hostile against fundamentalism which kind of bleeds over into all Christianity by name association. I'm needing to talk with others who follow the teachings of Jesus and who are learning to get in touch with Spirit. I feel really good that I've taken this step and reached out. I've already (virtually) met some interesting people and I can't wait to learn more with and from them!

I do wish I had a better term to use than Liberal Christian. The true meaning of liberal is accurate, but the word is so loaded full of connotations in our society that using that word sort of seems weighted. But I don't like defining myself by negatives, either: "non religious right Christian" or "non-fundamentalist Christian" or whatever. I am very open to suggestions for other words I can use.


Sarai said...

"Simply Christian" comes to mind; can you have more of a description under the group's title, or does the name have to say it all?


Tiny Apples said...

I prefer progressive Christian. I'm going to see if I can find your group.

Anonymous said...

Oh thank God...there are more of us!

YES we need a group, and YES we need to hook up from the grassroots/locally, and beyond!

angie said...

I just attended a homeschool conference where all the woman looked like little house on the prairie and i heard about the evils of college and veggie tales. Someone please help me Am I the only one who doesn't believe being christian means to hide from the rest of the world, and the church, in a time warp and sheltering my children from any knowledge of any opposing views

Anonymous said...

It is quite difficult, in my homeschool community to find people who are NON fundamentalist Christians.

They seem to pride themselves on teaching their children how to think critically about EVERYTHING except the Bible. Ew.