Friday, October 24, 2008

Nashville Friends Meeting Retreat

This weekend is the yearly Nashville Friends Meeting retreat. My feelings about it have waffled back and forth between really looking forward to it and feeling a good amount of stress over the planning of it but I think Diana and Linda have the planning under control and it will go well. I'm learning what a great and reliable person Diana is; she's an absolute pleasure to work with. Linda's more like me, she works in fits of enthusiasm. She's been sick and called last night to say she won't be able to go on the retreat because she has pneumonia in both lungs. I hate that she's worked so hard to get everything ready and won't be able to enjoy it but her body really needs total rest.

I'm taking my 3 boys plus Declan's girlfriend and one of Zed's best friends. Bonnie, Doug and Sophie are also teenagers who will be there. I'm going to get a cabin for all the young people and me to sleep in ala SAYF. I'm pretty sad that Finn won't have a peer but there will be lots of adults and teens to engage with him. I'm looking forward to being with this dynamic and truly wonderful group of young people! They interact with one another beautifully; they're respectful of one another and really loving. I think the weekend will be relaxing and unifying.

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