Sunday, February 11, 2007


Howdy! I reckon I'll give you a little background to start. I am a Christian, albeit a very unorthodox, universalist one. I think to describe myself more accurately, I am a follower of the teachings and life example of Jesus. I try to keep my mind open and accepting of lessons from all sources; I do not believe there is any one 'right' path to relationship with the Divine. The path that I am on is my path and it is the right one for me. Your path is very different and it is the right one for you. You may have something to teach me, though. I believe many lessons are to be found in the unlikeliest of places so my goal is to remain open to potential opportunities for growth all the time.
I am also a wife and a mother of three sons. A lot of the writing will do here will be about trying to remain aware of God* while juggling all the facets of my hustle-bustle life.

*I use the name God. I do not think of God as gendered. I will write more about this in the future.

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