Monday, February 19, 2007

Which Way?

I've been job hunting for about six months. All my life, I've never had a problem finding a job. I've always felt Way Open as needed. Maybe I've just been lucky. Way is not opening for me now. The jobs I've been offered have been completely wrong for my family. The ones I've really wanted I haven't heard from a second time. My former employer, the university, has offered me a new research project that will begin in May and run 6 months. I really don't want to take it because it will be a full month of 40 hour weeks followed by constant stress and disruption of any kind of routine. I don't feel I have any choice but to take it, though, because we really need a second income. I've always felt guided when job searching in the past and this time I feel that God's letting me deal with this one on my own. I'm not sure why. I want to be in the place that God wants me to be. I guess God is saying that, at this point, any job I take will teach me the lesson I need to learn. Or maybe the field interviewer gig is the one I'm supposed to be doing by process of elimination. Maybe the lesson will be to learn to handle stress better-and rejection. I feel tension just thinking about the rejection. Maybe my lesson will be in seeing 'that of God' in people who treat me very badly (and only a small percent of the people I deal with do so but, of course, they're the ones that are most memorable).
On the good side of this job: It pays better than any other job I could get, I get to spend half my time driving and listening to books-on-cd and get paid to do it (I like to drive), I get to meet a lot of people and learn things about them and the world, I get to learn more about Nashville, I work from home and set my own hours, and I don't ever get bored doing this job.
I've got to do what I've got to do. I'm going to go call the woman who'd doing the recruiting and tell her yes.

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