Monday, February 12, 2007

Letting Go of Negativity

Trying to log on to any account that requires a passwords and usernames is a good opportunity for me to practice perseverance and patience. When I set up the accounts I try the name I prefer. When I find that to be taken I'll try choice number 2, maybe 3, or even 4. By then I've probably totally confused myself to the point of never being able to remember what my username is the first time I try to log on each day. With this account, it's my email address but I didn't know that until I typed in 'friendly mama' in as many incorrect configurations as I could think of. Frustration...
Generally, I would allow a situation like this to create a certain amount of negative tension in me, which does not bode well going into time to work with my son on his homeschool assignments. I guess because I was logging in so I can write about mindfulness and my attempt to reflect God in all I do, I remained calm and kept a sense of humor. I only feel a little tension, which is good! Perspective helps: Stepping back emotionally and allowing the feeling of frustration, acknowledging it, then letting it go.


Robin M. said...

I try to use the same password for everything - and to choose a word that reminds me of something I am trying to practice. For a long time, I used "patience." I'm probably due to change mine again, but by now, I have so many passwords, and I'll have to change them all. The multiplicity of modern life!

Friendly Mama said...

I have 7 different passwords I have to use to log in for work (I'm working on a highest security level federal government project). I try to use the same passwords, as well, but we have to change them every 6 weeks to maintain security and they have to be 8 characters in length, must have some upper case and lower case, at least one number and one of the caps/number characters. I still try to incorporate my usually passwords into my work sign-ins when I am able. But then there's my ID number, the project number and all that. I am crazy with passwords and usernames!

Before having children I imagined that I would name my daughter "Patience" so her name would be my mantra. But then I only had sons.