Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Finding My Way Back

I am committing to going to Meeting every Sunday unless one of my respondents says the only time they can do the interview is at that time. I miss being in the depth and warmth and love of Meeting for Worship. I went on Sunday. It was wonderful, like a refreshing rain after a period of drought.

Caroline and I made the announcement about "Growing In the Light" and we have, including us, 9 people interested. This is so exciting! I'm meeting with Caroline to work on the schedule for the retreat on Friday. Unfortunately, I've had 'chihuahua mind' when I've tried to read or study any of the materials we have to read. I have not been able to center down or deepen my thoughts. I think this is happening mainly because I've been obsessing about work. When I try to center, I find my thoughts going almost immediately back to my cases, like a compass pointing North. Spiritual practice is just that: Practice. I'm out of practice.

I know grace to be God waiting patiently (and I imagine a little bemusedly, as in a slightly exasperated, "Child, when will you learn"?!) for me to find my way back and I am so grateful.

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