Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Good thing Spirit infuses everything always, no matter what I do because if it were up to me, this world would seemingly be only what I can see and touch with no Light illuminating soul.

Spiritual practice. What is that? I haven't been to Friends Meeting in weeks. I haven't written in how long? On a good day I pray for all of maybe 2 minutes. I haven't even been reading any materials or listening to music that encourage me toward God.

I've had to work every Sunday morning. And, I guess, because I'm working so much, I can't justify sitting here writing (even though I do find time to research whatever goofy thing comes into my head). I've been on a kick learning about the sculptor Isamu Noguchi and spent a couple of weeks immersed in his life and work via books and websites. Right now, I'm into Renoir and the Impressionists (sounds like a band name). I haven't found visual art to be a conduit to Spirit the way music is for me. Maybe because with art, I want to know about the artist, what he or she was feeling or experiencing when a particular piece was created whereas with music, I let it work with my intuition to lead me on to a higher path. Hmmm...

I've been working about 30 hours each week, averaging about 400 miles in my parents' truck. I haven't been walking. I haven't been doing much of anything I know to be good for me. I need to reset my priorities. Obviously, this job is important (we are about halfway to paying off the debt we're trying to get out from under). But other things are important, too.
I guess my practice for this week is to do the things that nurture me, challenge me or fill me first and then let the other things fall into place.

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