Friday, July 20, 2007

Woman's Intuition Dreaming

Last night I dreamed about blood. Not the blood caused by trauma and pain, but a woman's blood, healthy and cleansing. In the dream, I had started my monthly cycle; I was away from home in someone else's bathroom and found I was making quite a mess. I was supposed to be leaving with others and was feeling an amount of pressure to hurry but calmly assesed the situation and had a good plan for cleaning myself, my clothing and the room. In real life, my dog then woke me up (it was 4:40 in the morning) and I went in the bathroom to grab a menstrual cloth (I use washable clothes rather than disposable). This morning when I awoke with the sun, my period had not started but by the time I got to the bathroom, it was flowing.

I've been aware that my "moon-time" should be beginning for a couple of days but I've never had it's arrival announced by a dream before. I feel this is a big leap between my innate body wisdom and my intuition; like a great connection was made (or maybe it's always been there and I've just learned to understand it).

I also awoke with the feeling that I need to mend the rift between my sister and me. We had one of those silent, "I'm not really sure what happened" kind of partings this past year over her husband's military career and my staunch peace activism. Something about my dream told me I need to try to contact her to see if we can talk.

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