Friday, April 4, 2008

Kathe Kollwitz

About a year ago I wrote about Zed, Carmac and me visiting one of our senator's offices and sharing with the gathered people a story about Zed doing an social studies assignment in which he had to learn about the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial. In the worksheet there was a question about what kind of memorial he would create. He wrote that he would make a statue of a crying mother. When I told the story, the people in the room with us listened silently but when Zed went to leave, they lauded him.

Hammy brought me a new Prestel book called "50 Women Artists You Should Know" a couple of days ago. In it I discovered an artist who's work exemplifies what Zed described. Her younger son, Peter, was killed at 18 in World War I and she became a pacifist. Her work is full of love, grief and sorrow. The statue to the left is called "Pieta" and depicts a mother holding her dead son. The ones on the right is of grieving parents and adorn the burial place of her son. Her work is powerful, full of a mother's love. Her work does not shy away from the torment a mother must feel at the loss of her child nor the realities of human suffering in any form or from any cause.

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