Sunday, May 20, 2007

Creative Chaos? Yeah, right...

(by Deborah Koff-Chapin ) I've cycled around to chaos-mind again. The couple of days just prior to and the first few days of my "moontime" are days when I seem to have no attention span and need a lot of down-time. I am unable to focus well on things; my mind flits from this to that. When I think about reading, I want fiction. I can't learn anything except intuitively; my brain does not retain new information but my heart feels and learns. I don't much feel like writing. I feel crafty. Today, it occurred to me that I could incorporate my craftiness into my spiritual practice. I went out and tried to find my embroidery stuff but couldn't find it (this house, especially my craft studio are in such a mess).

I was just looking at some beautiful embroidery on-line. I'm inspired to create, to express my journey in a right-brain way through art, rather than strictly through writing. But I need to get a little left-brain and start straightening and cleaning and organizing my stuff. If I can't find what I need when I need it, what's the point of having it? My chaos hurts me as much as it irritates my family. That whole "feng shui clutter thing" makes sense to me. I read a self-help article in the magazine Body+Soul (it's probably the least offensive of the consumer disguised as spiritual seeker magazines. I was given a subscription to it and have, on occasion, been pleasantly surprised by articles in it) about getting rid of stuff. The life coach or therapist or whoever she was began any coaching relationship by instructing her client to get rid of huge amounts of stuff: 50, 100 things in a week, some crazy number of things (and a stack of magazines only counted as 1 thing, not the individual number). My initial reaction to reading things like that is to run away clutching at my stuff. I am a pack-rat. I NEED my stuff.
And there you go.

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