Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Sin

I know, I know, non-attachment and all that, but I've seen folks riding around on scooters 3 times in the last week and I'm wanting one so bad! The last sighting was a guy about my dad's age tooling around on a Kymco People (above picture). Wow. Even with his blue jeans, white socks and black "New Balance" sneakers he looked cool (ok, maybe I'm projecting). I saw a mint green Vespa that looked quite nice and a Metro (which is a cute scoot that's not big enough for my needs-only 50ccs).

Man-o-man, do I want one. My current daydream is that Scenic City Scooters will open a "Music City Scooters" and I'll get to run it. Bliss. Scooter people are funny, intelligent, march to their own beat. Scooter people are my kind of people.
But then, this is my little nudge from the One (with an amazing sense of timing) in the form of today's horoscope:
"You know better than to go shopping on an empty stomach. Likewise, distinguishing want vs. need is tricky. Staying well fed on all levels is one way to deal."
Ah-hem, yes, I hear you.
Wanting a scooter is definitely an ego trip for me. I am not sufficiently grounded in what is eternal for me to not be totally distracted and "ego fed" by having one, no matter how I could justify it as environmentally right and economically sound.
I don't believe in Satan but I have to say that I feel real temptation when I see examples of the source of my longing all over the place. I'm wrestling with the devil (my own ego) over a scooter. How appropriately ironic.

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