Friday, April 6, 2007

Car-Free in Tennessee Day 1

Well, day one went very well. We left the house with plenty of time; got to the bus stop 10 minutes early and had to wait closer to 20 for the bus to arrive because it was late. The ticket box on the bus didn't want to take my $5 bill and the driver was surly about it, like I was deliberately doing something wrong. It finally did take my money on the 10th attempt but I wonder what the bus driver would have done if it hadn't: Put us out? Let us ride free?
Yesterday was very chilly with a high of 54. I couldn't find Carmac's jacket so I put two shirts, his hat and gloves on him and figured he'd be fine. Zed dressed himself in shorts, a tee shirt and light jacket (against my advice) and both boys were very chill waiting for the bus in the morning. By afternoon it had warmed up and they were fine.
We got to our classes fine and about 20 minutes early so we had time to rest before the others showed up.
I forgot to bring the bus schedule with me to know what time the buses left for our return trip. I called Hammy, at work, to ask him to look up the MTA website and tell me. I've been reading bus schedules practically my whole life but I guess this was his first time doing so. It took him a while to but he found what I needed to know. We caught the #10 Charlotte and arrived ONE MINUTE past when the #22 Bordeaux should have left. Zed and I were just discussing whether to walk to the library during the 40 minute wait before the next #22 came when the earlier bus showed up, apparently late (yeah!). Honest to goodness, the bus driver was Kenny Rogers or his clone! Gorgeous silver hair and beard-actually a little thinner than Kenny at his "prime" in the late 70s. This bus driver was very nice and helpful. We lucked into riding the bus that actually takes us closest to our house (there are 3 routes for the #22 and I don't plan which one I'm going to take I just plan to walk a mile and see what happens). We got off at the stop closest to our house-about 6 blocks away and then Zed showed the the amazing SHORTCUT!! If we walk to the end of the dead end road, we come to a creek. He showed me the path to get over the creek and up the bank and VOILA! our house was just across the street! The shortcut takes about 4 blocks off the walk!

Today we're taking a field trip to the North Police Precinct at 2:00. I have to stop at Kroger on the way home to pick up groceries. I'll post about this tomorrow...

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