Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sleep Deprivation

Last night was rough. First, I read to Carmac and, as I was turning the light off, he looked at me and said he was scared and his lip was quivering. He and his brothers watched Happy Feet last night and one of the trailers, for the upcoming Harry Potter movie, frightened him. I turned off the light and snuggled him and he fell almost instantly asleep.

Then, I spent an hour or so studying for my upcoming project training by learning about the branch of the government concerned with economic policy. Boring and stimulating, at the same time. I think attempting to wrap my brain around anything to do with finances causes me to have a surge in adrenaline because when I went to bed, I had a difficult time falling asleep (I'm one of those people who's blessed with the ability to "drop off" almost immediately).

I was just falling asleep when our dog, Argus, who is afraid of thunder, barrelled her way through our dog barricade on the back porch to sleep in the kitchen (we have to keep them on the back porch or the other one will get in the trash) and thump against the cabinets every time she moved. Then a nice gentle rain began falling on the roof.

I'd begun falling back to sleep when Carmac crawled into bed with me announcing he was thirsty. So, I got him water (disturbing Argus and making her thump a bunch) and tucked him back in.

An hour later, I was fully asleep when Carmac yelled "MOM!" causing me to leap from bed to check on him. He just needed to use the potty and snuggled for a minute before he was soundly asleep again.

By this point it's somewhere around 2:30. Declan got in the shower at 5:45 which woke me and that was basically the start of my day. Yeah, I stayed in bed until the alarm went off at 6:45 but not to sleep restfully, or anything.

It's now 7:45 and I will be driving Hammy to work in a few minutes so we can use his car today because we have several errands and a field trip. What I want to do is blow everything off and sleep today, but of course I can't.

I pray for patience and perspective today. When I'm this tired I could go giddy or I could become cranky. I am going to try very hard to do either. My practice for today is to try to be mindful, accepting the grogginess and foggyheadedness but still trying to reflect God in each moment.

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