Monday, April 2, 2007

7 Days Without Praying Makes One Weak

Bwaa-haa-haa! Don'tcha just LOVE the wisdom of church marquees?
But, as I sat down to write, the above is what came to me, I guess because it's been a week since I blogged. One week ago, I was on an operating table at Baptist Hospital having my gallbladder removed (I feel tired and sore but very well, thank you for asking). Several times in the past week I've sat down to blog and just haven't felt...let us just say, inspired.
I've had great difficulty being aware of the Divine this past week. I have faith that God is always here, always with me. I believe that I live with God every moment. I have frequent, intellectual reminders of my belief but I can't seem to move beyond glimpses of how I want to abide in awareness.
Physical discomfort seems to be a big point of distraction for me. My mind cannot settle if I feel discomfort or pain, I'm not sure why. I believe that God created our bodies as well as our souls. Ideally, I guess I'd be able to use physical sensation as a reminder of God-a physical mantra in a way, but instead, my mind is like a bird trapped in a small room full of windows.
So again, I begin anew. In this moment I will be aware of the presence of God. In this moment I will see myself as more than just this woman who still has 6 out of the 9 things left to do from today's "to do" list. In this moment I am aware of how I reflect God. In this moment, God's will, not mine. Maybe I will get to a point in which this moment will link with other moments and I will actually live in accord with my beliefs. For now, this moment is the one that matters.

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