Monday, April 2, 2007

Motherhood and Spirituality Retreat

Motherhood and Spirituality Retreat
Sunday, April 22

Trust and Truth: Friendships

9:00-Time to gather and attend to practical considerations
9:30-Getting to know you: Best friends at 10
10:00-Discussion: Betrayal and healing-letting go of expectations
1:00-Finding myself: Rediscovering my Truth
2:30-Time for Stillness
3:30-Opening myself to Trust
5:00-Time to clean-up and depart

Please bring with you:
~a potluck dish
~a physical symbol of a friendship
~clothing appropriate for a walk in the woods
~your warm heart and open mind

As always, lap-babies are welcome.
Please let me know of your intent to participate by April 16th.
The cost per individual is $20.00 or whatever you can afford. Penuel Ridge Retreat Center

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