Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Repo Man" as a spiritual tool

Hammy and I are in agreement that we will, as a family, attempt to go through the summer with only one car. I will offer my resignation to the social research gig and go apply at Kroger. We will cut back on our commitments. We'll apply my paychecks as well as any money saved by not having a second car toward our debt.

This is a major milestone in two ways: attempting to be car-free in Nashville is something no one I know with children has ever done by choice; and the fact that Hammy and I agreed on a course of action this quickly is amazing! Stars must be in auspicious alignment or something. Maybe hell froze last night. I prefer to think that this was simply the right decision but I guess only time will tell.

This blog is an interesting exercise for me. I try to be aware of the Divine in my day-to-day actions and thoughts but fail to do so much more often than I succeed. I try to speak with truth from my heart. When I blog about my spiritual journey I feel like I'm neglecting to write about my journey as a mother and wife. When I blog about my family life I feel like the Spirit that infuses my life is not well represented. Today I wanted to write about staying up late last night to watch "REPO Man" with my oldest but I didn't because it didn't seem very spiritual a topic. But, for me, making that connection with my teen is a joyful act. His willingness, even eagerness, to spend time with me doing something we both enjoyed; being together, relaxed brings me great happiness. Just as every act is political, every act is spiritual. Spending time hanging out with people I love and care for allows me to connect more fully with the Divine, if I allow myself that opportunity for doing so. But it's hard to write about that without sounding preachy or over-the-top or "new agey" or whatever. The meaning of each moment is in one's intent. When I spend time with my child, my intent is to love him, to deepen our bond and in becoming aware of that it also allows me to become more aware of God, my Divine Mama, loving me.

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