Sunday, March 11, 2007


I'm not feeling very (F)friendly today. After a nice evening last night, visiting with a new f/Friend today at Meeting, and a lovely lunch date with Hammy, we got in a pissy little argument over nothing this afternoon on our way to take the younger kids to the park to fly a kite and play in the sand. I hate it when we engage in 'tit for tat' petty bickering. It'll all blow over in a day or so but it feels so crummy right now. Apologising always seems so insincere; like I'm trying to make myself feel better. Or maybe it's just the way he reacts to my saying I'm sorry for my part in the disagreement. I dunno.
The good news is that, during our lunch date, we came to agreement about Declan. We both feel we should allow him more freedom to take responsibility for his school work, to succeed or fail on his own. We talked to D when we got home and told him that we will facilitate or help out when he asks but that if he doesn't ask, we'll let him be. He seemed happy with that. He's almost 16. He knows that if he fails classes next year at the arts magnate school he will flunk out. We told him we trust him to be smart, responsible and wise enough to do what's right but that we'd like it if he would 'check in' with us some. We also said we'd like him to hook up with an adult both he and we trust so he can get feedback and positive reinforcement of what he's doing. We said we'd talk again in a few days to see if he's gotten any ideas about a mentor.

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